Peyton Elmore


President's Responsibilities:

  • Oversees the Executive Board

  • Strategically plans for the future of BAP

  • Acts as a liason between Beta Alpha Psi and the USC Accounting Department

About Peyton: Peyton graduated from U of SC with a triple major in accounting, finance, and marketing. She is currently in U of SC's MACC program on the taxation track.  

Peyton's favorite accounting class: Accounting 403 (Tax)

Peyton chose accounting because...  I was oddly passionate about financial accounting and I had wonderful professors that encouraged me to pursue a career in it.  It is really the only major that clicked with me and helped me understand business as a whole.

Peyton's favorite thing about BAP: The network of both professionals and peers it provides and the professional skill set it helps develop!

When she's not doing accounting, Peyton loves: hiking, cooking, traveling, cleaning, exercising, spending time with family and friends, really anything to keep busy!


Vice President's Responsibilities:

  • Organizes Beta Alpha Psi Meetings

  • Maintains relations with accounting firms

  • Coordinates accounting professional's attendance at events


Brendon Beach

Vice President

About Brendon: Brendon graduated from U of SC with a major in accounting and is currently in U of SC MACC program. 

Brendon's favorite accounting class: Accounting 405  

Brendon chose accounting because... it is the language of business and is a solid foundation for growth.

Brendon's favorite thing about BAP: The opportunities to network with firms and great people I otherwise may never have met!

When he's not doing accounting, Brendon loves... to hike new trails and read books.


Treasurer's Responsibilities:

  • Provides financial oversight and reporting

  • Prepares budgets and reconciles financials

  • Oversees the Tutoring Committee 


Sophia Gerstenberger


About Sophia: Sophia graduated from U of SC with a major in accounting and Human resources. She is currently in U of SC's MACC program on the BMA track.

Sophia's favorite accounting class: Accounting 404 - Information Systems.

Sophia chose accounting because... I like the order and balance of accounting and it's a field that provides endless different career opportunities.

Sophia's favorite thing about BAP: the amazing people I get to lead with and the networking opportunities with other students and professionals!

When she's not doing accounting, Sophia loves... baking, camping, exercising, cooking, or watching Netflix.


Hannah Smith

Director of Social

Director of Social's Responsibilities:

  • Organizes Social, Networking, and Community Service Opportunities


About Hannah: Hannah graduated from U of SC with a major in accounting and is currently in U of SC's MACC Program on the BMA track.

Hannah's favorite accounting class: Accounting 501 - Financial 3 (specifically with Dr. Lipe)   

Hannah chose accounting because... I took my first accounting course my freshman year in high school and the rest was history! It's a satisfying job.

Hannah's favorite thing about BAP: The opportunities!!! There is no way I'd be as comfortable with secure plans after graduation without BAP!

When she's not doing accounting, Hannah loves... watching movies and trying new foods - especially desserts!


Victoria Jalali


Recorder's Responsibilities:

  • Ensures Chapter compliance with National requirements

  • Reports activities to Nationals

  • Manages the website and social media

About Victoria: Victoria graduated from U of SC with a major in accounting and is currently in U of SC's MACC Program on the taxation track.

Victoria's favorite accounting class: Accounting 403 (Tax)

Victoria chose accounting because...  I love numbers and hope to help people and businesses properly fulfill their tax obligations.

Victoria's favorite thing about BAP: the people I have met in this organization!

When she's not doing accounting, Victoria loves: knitting, watching Netflix, and sleeping!


Wes Brown


Secretary's Responsibilities:​​

  • Manages and tracks membership

  • Sends out emails with chapter updates

  • Keeps board minutes

About Wes: Wes is a senior accounting major in the Accelerated MAAC Program at USC on the taxation track 

Wes's favorite accounting class: Accounting 401 (Financial Accounting)

Wes chose accounting because...he loves the structure and organization of accounting and it matches his personality

Wes's favorite thing about BAP: the opportunities it has provided for him and his career

When he's not doing accounting, Wes loves: listening to Katy Perry music of course! Or watching movies that he has seen hundreds of times



Abbey Hudson

IT Innovation Chair

Duties: Analyzes the trends that our chapter is exhibiting and keeps members informed about current accounting topics through analytics workshops and industry podcasts

Fun Fact: Abbey's favorite ice cream flavor is coffee even though she rarely drinks actual coffee!



Duties: ensures proper etiquette and courtesy with external relationships

Fun Fact: Amanda enjoys playing golf, baking and spending time with friends and family


Amanda Schickler

Courtesy Chair

Kristen Boatwright

Tutoring Chair

Duties: coordinates tutoring sessions and tracks participation​


Fun Fact: I am a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do



Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 3.04.02 PM.png
Hunter Strickland

Community Service Chair 

Duties: Maintain relations with U of SC BAP alumni


Fun Fact: I was in Cuba when the pandemic started