President's Responsibilities:

  • Oversees the Executive Board

  • Strategically plans for the future of BAP

  • Acts as a liason between Beta Alpha Psi and the USC Accounting Department

Abbey Hudson


About Abbey: Abbey is currently in USC's Accelerated MACC Program and is minoring in Spanish

Accounting (Accelerated-MACC Student) and Spanish Minor

Abbey's favorite accounting class: Accounting 401 (Financial Accounting)

Abbey chose accounting because...  I chose accounting because of the many opportunities accounting offers such as networking with peers and professionals, the job opportunities, and understanding how a business functions as a whole.

Abbey's favorite thing about BAP: Meeting other accounting students and being able to relate and get through this challenging but rewarding major. 

When she's not doing accounting, Abbey loves: I love to either go hiking, kayaking, biking, spending time with family and friends, or reading books.


Vice President's Responsibilities:

  • Organizes Beta Alpha Psi Meetings

  • Maintains relations with accounting firms

  • Coordinates accounting professional's attendance at events

Amanda Schickler
Vice President

About Amanda: Amanda is currently in USC's MACC program on the BMA Track.

Amanda's favorite accounting class: Accounting 404 (Information Systems)  

Amanda chose accounting because...  I love numbers and the variety of opportunities and career path that accounting offers!

Amanda's favorite thing about BAP: It brings accounting students together and gives students the chance to network with the firms.

When she's not doing accounting, Amanda loves... Spend time with friends and family, go to concerts, and find good shows/movies to watch


Treasurer's Responsibilities:

  • Provides financial oversight and reporting

  • Prepares budgets and reconciles financials

  • Oversees the Tutoring Committee 

Justin Bogen


About Justin: Graduated from USC with a major in accounting and is currently in USC's MACC program on the BMA Track.

Justin's favorite accounting class: Accounting 406 (Audit)

Justin chose accounting because... It’s a career field that aligns well with my skills and gives me a lot of different opportunities. 

Justin's favorite thing about BAP: The opportunity that it gives me to meet and network with both peers and professionals! 

When he's not doing accounting, Justin loves...  Watching/playing sports, exercising, spending time with friends and family, and watching movies.


Director of Social's Responsibilities:

  • Organizes Social, Networking, and Community Service Opportunities

Tyler Strauss

Director of Social

About Tyler: Tyler is a senior Accounting and Finance double major.

Tyler's favorite accounting class: Accounting 501 (Financial Accounting 3) 

Tyler chose accounting because... I enjoyed the intro classes and I knew I wanted to work for a Big 4 firm

Tyler's favorite thing about BAP: The great community of like-minded people who are all trying to survive Accounting together

When he's not doing accounting, Tyler loves... Golfing and has golfed in 10 different states


Recorder's Responsibilities:

  • Ensures Chapter compliance with National requirements

  • Reports activities to Nationals

  • Manages the website and social media

Sebastian Kley


About Sebastian: Sebastian is an Accounting International Business double major with a minor in Chinese Studies

Sebastian's favorite accounting class: Accounting 401 (Financial Accounting)

Sebastian chose accounting because... Everything fits together so neatly and has a set organization to follow

Sebastian's favorite thing about BAP: Finally meeting other Accounting majors after having online classes because of COVID

When she's not doing accounting, Victoria loves: Hanging out with friends, playing racquetball, and swimming


Secretary's Responsibilities:​​

  • Manages and tracks membership

  • Sends out emails with chapter updates

  • Keeps board minutes

Emily Brown


About Emily: Emily is an Accounting major with a Data Analytics concentration​

Emily's favorite accounting class: Accounting 401 (Financial Accounting)

Emily chose accounting because... Accounting is the language of business, so I like that having a foundational understanding of accounting increases your ability to branch out into any specific focus/area of business

Emily's favorite thing about BAP: BAP gives you the agency to connect with accounting firms and find internships/jobs.

When she's not doing accounting, Emily loves... Listening to Harry Styles or John Mayer at virtually any point of the day.



Caleb Brock

IT Innovation Chair

Duties: Analyzes the trends that our chapter is exhibiting and keeps members informed about current accounting topics through analytics workshops and industry podcasts

Fun Fact:  I enjoy open water scuba diving, kendo, and playing instruments.


Duties: Ensures proper etiquette and courtesy with external relationships

Fun Fact: I was born in Lithuania and moved to Charleston, SC when I was 2.


Kristina Swain

Courtesy Chair

Duties: Coordinates tutoring sessions and tracks participation

Fun Fact: I love to offshore fish, play golf, and snowboard.


Garrett Lloyd

Tutoring Chair

Duties: Maintains relations with U of SC BAP alumni and organizes organization-wide community service events

Fun Fact: I love to hike & scuba dive!


Emily Richards

Community Service Chair