John Mark Porter


President's Responsibilities:

  • Oversees the Executive Board

  • Appoints Committee Chairs

  • Acts as a liason between Beta Alpha Psi and the USC Accounting Department

About John Mark: John Mark is an Accounting Major Senior in the USC Honors College. He is in the Accelerated MACC program in the Audit track. 

John Mark's favorite accounting class: Accounting 406 (Auditing)

John Mark chose accounting because...  I enjoyed the challenge of 225 and 226 Freshman year and the faculty helped convince me that it would be an excellent career. I've also seen the value that a capable accountant brings to an organization and see the needs for people with this skill set, so I see it as a way of helping other ministries and organizations I care about achieve their goals.

John Mark's favorite thing about BAP: Getting to know the other Accounting majors and working closely with the faculty.

When he's not doing accounting, John Mark loves... participating in student ministries on campus and reading.

Vice President's Responsibilities:

  • Organizes Beta Alpha Psi Meetings

  • Maintains relations with accounting firms

  • Coordinates accounting professional's attendance at Events


Karen Gates

Vice President

About Karen: Karen is a senior accounting and management science major. She plans on getting her MACC with a focus on assurance/ advisory.

Karen's favorite accounting class: Managerial Accounting

Karen chose accounting because... I was lucky enough to take accounting classes in high school and loved the puzzle aspect of it. I love the challenge and the broad spectrum of jobs that you can get with the major

Karen's favorite thing about BAP: The networking and friendships made!

When she's not doing accounting, Karen loves... Playing guitar, painting or binge watching Netflix shows

Brendon Beach

Director of Social

Director of Social's Responsibilities:

  • Organizes Social, Networking, and Community Service Opportunities


About Brendon: Brendon is a senior accounting major.  He plans on getting his MACC at USC.

Brendon's favorite accounting class: Accounting 405  

Brendon chose accounting because... it is the language of business and is a solid foundation for growth.

Brendon's favorite thing about BAP: The opportunities to network with firms and great people I otherwise may never have met!

When he's not doing accounting, Brendon loves... to hike new trails and read books.



Treasurer's Responsibilities:

  • Provides financial oversight and reporting

  • Oversees the Tutoring Committee 


Robert Short


About Robert: Robert is getting his MACC in Taxation.

Robert's favorite accounting class: Financial Accounting 2, it’s tough but rewarding.

Robert chose accounting because... CPAs are in high demand and have a lot of opportunities to advance in their career.

Robert's favorite thing about BAP: The opportunity to network with accounting firms of all sizes!

When he's not doing accounting, Robert loves... Playing intramural sports and hanging out with friends.

Peyton Elmore


Recorder's Responsibilities:

  • Organizes the executive board's internal operations

  • Manages the website and social media

About Peyton: Peyton is a senior accounting, finance, and marketing major.  She is doing the Accelerated MACC program at USC on the taxation track

Peyton's favorite accounting class: Accounting 403 (Tax)

Peyton chose accounting because...  I was oddly passionate about financial accounting and I had wonderful professors that encouraged me to pursue a career in it.  It is really the only major that clicked with me and helped me understand business as a whole.

Peyton's favorite thing about BAP: The network of both professionals and peers it provides and the professional skill set it helps develop!

When shes not doing accounting, Peyton loves: hiking, cooking, traveling, cleaning, exercising, spending time with family and friends, really anything to keep busy!

Secretary's Responsibilities:​​

  • Records members' and initiates' points

Abby Barker

About Abby: Abby is a senior accounting major with a concentration in business analytics
Abby’s favorite accounting class: Accounting 404 (Information systems)
Abby chose accounting because… I love the logic of the double entry system.
Abby’s favorite thing about BAP: Community Service!

When she’s not doing accounting, Abby loves… working with my college ministry, running, and GAMECOCK FOOTBALL!!


Peyton Elmore
VITA Chair
Jennifer Brewer
Community Service Chair
Sophia Gerstenberger
Tutoring Chair
Victoria Zambrano
Professionalism Chair
Jessica Cianfrocca
Courtesy Chair
Matt Greco
Courtesy Chair