President's Responsibilities:

  • Oversees the Executive Board

  • Strategically plans for the future of BAP

  • Acts as a liason between Beta Alpha Psi and the USC Accounting Department

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Emily Brown


Emily's favorite accounting class: Accounting 401 (Financial Accounting)

Emily chose accounting because... Accounting is the language of business, so I like that having a foundational understanding of accounting increases your ability to branch out into any specific focus/area of business

Emily's favorite thing about BAP: BAP gives you the agency to connect with accounting firms and find internships/jobs.

When she's not doing accounting, Emily loves... Listening to Harry Styles or John Mayer at virtually any point of the day.


Vice President's Responsibilities:

  • Organizes Beta Alpha Psi Meetings

  • Maintains relations with accounting firms

  • Coordinates accounting professional's attendance at events

Emily Richards
Vice President
Emily Richards.JPG

Emily's favorite accounting class: Accounting 401 (Financial Accounting)

Emily chose accounting because... she volunteered with VITA throughout high school and enjoyed learning about the Pub 4012

Emily's favorite thing about BAP: All the recruiting opportunities it offers students

When she's not doing accounting, Emily loves.. to go scuba diving or hiking



Treasurer's Responsibilities:

  • Provides financial oversight and reporting

  • Prepares budgets and reconciles financials

  • Oversees the Tutoring Committee 

Sonia Long

Sonia's favorite accounting class: Accounting 402 (Managerial Accounting)

Sonia chose accounting because... I like stability and how I could potentially work in any industry with an accounting degree. 

Sonia's favorite thing about BAP: Having the opportunity to meet other accounting students on campus with similar career goals 

When he's not doing accounting, Sonia loves...  I love drawing and painting in my free time


Director of MTF & SLS Responsibilities:

  • Organizes Meet the Firms & Summer Leadership Conference with the accounting firms

Emma Mooney

Director of MTF & SLS

Emma's favorite accounting class: Accounting 401 (Financial Accounting)

Emma chose accounting because... I love working with numbers and public accounting offers a lot of opportunities to work with other people in a social, team setting

Emma's favorite thing about BAP: I love the panels and having the opportunity to ask questions and learn more from experienced professionals

When he's not doing accounting, Emma loves... running, teaching barre classes, and reading


Director of Communication's Responsibilities:

  • Sends out emails with chapter updates

  • Manages the website and social media

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Sebastian Kley

Director of Communications

Sebastian's favorite accounting class: Accounting 401 (Financial Accounting)

Sebastian chose accounting because... Everything fits together so neatly and has a set organization to follow

Sebastian's favorite thing about BAP: Finally meeting other Accounting majors after having online classes because of COVID

When she's not doing accounting, Sebastian loves: Hanging out with friends, playing racquetball, and swimming


Director of Panel & Workshop's Responsibilities

  • Creates the panels and workshops for the semester

  • Communicates with professors and professionals

Rebecca Mason
Director of Panels & Workshops
R Mason Professional Headshot.jpg

Rebecca's favorite accounting class: Accounting 401 (Financial Accounting)

Rebecca chose accounting because... I've always been incredibly detail-oriented, as well as having a passion to help people

Rebecca's favorite thing about BAP: The network that we get placed in, as well as the tools we're given to better navigate this new environment

When she's not doing accounting, Rebecca loves... being involved in her church's college ministry & youth group



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Clifford Lafayette

Social & Tutoring Chair

Duties: Plan social events & run all BAP tutoring

Fun Fact:  I joined the marines after high school from 2016-2020


Duties: Manages and tracks membership and participation, reports activities to nationals

Fun Fact:  I love trying new restaurants and food! I am also involved on campus in student government and in a panhellenic sorority.


Zoë Kaiser

Social & Tutoring Chair

Duties: Organize VITA and Community Service events

Fun Fact: I can't eat a meal without something sweet after.


Mark Steffan
Community Service & VITA Chair