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President's Responsibilities:

  • Oversees the Executive Board

  • Strategically plans for the future of BAP

  • Acts as a liason between Beta Alpha Psi and the USC Accounting Department

Rebecca Mason.jpg
Rebecca Mason


Rebecca's favorite accounting class: Accounting 404

Rebecca chose accounting because... I've always been incredibly detail-oriented, as well as having a passion to help people

Rebecca's favorite thing about BAP: The network that we get placed in, as well as the tools we're given to better navigate this new environment.

When she's not doing accounting, Rebecca loves... Cook, work-out, serve at my church.


Vice President's Responsibilities:

  • Organizes Beta Alpha Psi Meetings

  • Maintains relations with accounting firms

  • Coordinates accounting professional's attendance at events

Sebastian Kley
Vice President
Sebastian Kley.png

Sebastian's favorite accounting class: Accounting 405

Sebastianchose accounting because... Everything makes sense and has a place.

Sebastian's favorite thing about BAP: Meeting and talking to other accounting students and free food from firms

When he's not doing accounting, Sebastian loves.. Hanging out with friends, playing racquetball, or listening to politics



Treasurer's Responsibilities:

  • Provides financial oversight and reporting

  • Prepares budgets and reconciles financials

  • Oversees the Tutoring Committee 

Sonia Long

Sonia's favorite accounting class: Accounting 402 

Sonia chose accounting because... I like stability and how I could potentially work in any industry with an accounting degree. 

Sonia's favorite thing about BAP: Having the opportunity to meet other accounting students on campus with similar career goals 

When she's not doing accounting, Sonia loves...  I love drawing and painting in my free time


Director of MTF & SLS Responsibilities:

  • Organizes Meet the Firms & Summer Leadership Conference with the accounting firms

Kristin Takach.JPG
Kristin Takach

Director of MTF & SLS

Kristin's favorite accounting class: Accounting 226

Kristin chose accounting because... I took an accounting class senior year of highschool and found myself really interested in it, so I made it my major and I have enjoyed it ever since. It can be challenging, but once you get a topic down, it’s really fun and rewarding.

Kristin's favorite thing about BAP: I like having a group of people who share the same interest as me and being able to relate to each other makes it inviting and less intimidating.

When she's not doing accounting, Kristin loves... I love hanging out with my friends, especially during football season. I’m fine with a simple night in or a fun night out as long as I’m with my close friends. Recently, my roommates and I have taken on a 1000 piece puzzle that we’ve been slowing working on, it’s a great way to de-stress!


Director of Communication's Responsibilities:

  • Sends out emails with chapter updates

  • Manages the website and social media

Robert "Alex" Cone

Director of Communications

Alex's favorite accounting class: Accounting 324

Alex chose accounting because... Everything fits together so neatly and has a set organization to follow.

Alex's favorite thing about BAP: I love being able to connect with professionals and being able to form long lasting connections that will assist me when entering the work force.

When he's not doing accounting, Alex loves: Listening to audiobooks, playing videogames, cooking, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and writing.


Director of Panel & Workshop's Responsibilities

  • Creates the panels and workshops for the semester

  • Communicates with professors and professionals

Khalil Balanay
Director of Panels & Workshops
Khalil Balanay.JPG

Khalil's favorite accounting class: Accounting 324

Khalil chose accounting because... I really enjoyed my 225 class and Sebastian encouraged me to change my major.

Khalil's favorite thing about BAP: Opportunities to network with professionals

When she's not doing accounting, Khalil loves... cook, crochet, travel, meet new people!!


Zach Coe.heic
Zach Coe

Director of Social Events & Tutoring

Director of Social Events & Tutoring's Responsibilities

  • Organize social events for the semester.

  • Arrange tutoring operations

Zach's favorite accounting class: Accounting 404

Zach chose accounting because... I’ve always enjoyed math and am very detail oriented.

Zach's favorite thing about BAP: The opportunities to network with professionals and meet other accounting majors.

When he's not doing accounting, Zach loves... I enjoy working out, spending time with friends, and watching movies.


Director of Community Service & VITA's Responsibilities

  • Create opportunities for Community Service

  • Engage with VITA representatives and organize weekly VITA meetings

Mattingly Easley

Director of Community Service & VITA

Mattingly's favorite accounting class: ___

Mattingly chose accounting because... ___

Mattingly's favorite thing about BAP: ___

When she's not doing accounting, Mattingly loves... ___


Director of Member Engagement's Responsibilities

  • Organize, review, and accept or deny applicants each semester.

  • Work with other directors to maximize engagement from members.

Katie Heffernan
Director of Member Engagement

Katie's favorite accounting class: Accounting 401

Katie chose accounting because... After taking my first introductory level accounting class, it just suited me so well.

Katie's favorite thing about BAP: Having a community of students in the same circumstances and classes I am

When she's not doing accounting, Katie loves... Anything artistic like crocheting and sketching


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