Requirements for Membership

Every returning member and initiate in Beta Alpha Psi, after having met the academic requirements, is expected to meet the following participation requirements each semester:

  • Payment of dues by the date of Meet the Firms (Fall) or Summer Leadership Showcase (Spring)

  • Perform 6 hours of community service (Fall), VITA (Spring), or Tutoring (Fall & Spring)

  • Perform 4 hours of community service (these hours can be fulfilled by extra hours of VITA or Tutoring)

  • Achieve minimum level of participation points

When a member meets the committee and community service requirements, their points for the semester are "certified." When a member earns 125 certified points in a single semester they become eligible for initiation.


Participation Points Levels

  • Member of Good Standing - 250 certified points over payment period

  • Initiated Member - 125 certified points in a single semester

  • Associate Member - N/A - Associates must earn 125 points to be initiated at the end of their associate semester.


Participation Points Categories

Points will be awarded to each member and initiate for participation in BAP activities according to the following schedule:

  • Informational Meeting (Beginning of Semester): 10 points

  • Beta Alpha Psi Meetings: 25 points per meeting

  • Meet the Firms/ Leadership Academy Showcase: 25 points per event

  • Outstanding Meeting Attendance (Attended All Meetings):10 points

  • Firm Socials:10 points per event

  • End of Semester Dinner20 points per event

  • Luncheon Items:  5 points per item, capped at 15 points

  • Add us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram5 points per site

  • Thoughtful Comment or Question: 5 points per comment/question (max of 10 points per meeting)

  • Tutoring5 points per hour

  • Intramurals:  5 points per game, capped at 50 points, 25 points for captain

  • Community Service5 points per hour

  • Golf Tournament5 points per hour

  • Outstanding Committee Member Award10 points

  • Take a Professor to Lunch: 25 points, capped at 50 (see the University Out to Lunch Program)

Other opportunities for points may be announced via email. 

Other Information

  1. Committee duties count toward your points or toward your committee obligation but not both!

  2. Member Status will be noted on the Banquet program and announced during the Banquet.  A copy of the member/initiate status is provided to the professionals on the Beta Alpha Psi mailing list.

  3. Signing up for an event and failing to participate may result in points being deducted. 

  4. To be qualified for Outstanding Chapter Member Awards, members/initiates must have attended all of the meetings (excluding informational meeting).

Concerns or questions about points should be sent to