Requirements for Membership

Every returning member and initiate in Beta Alpha Psi, after having met the academic requirements, is expected to meet the following participation requirements each semester:

  • Payment of dues by the date of Meet the Firms (Fall) or Summer Leadership Showcase (Spring)

  • Achieve minimum level of participation requirements


Membership Levels

  • Member of Good Standing - Initiated members who have paid dues and are active in the organization.  Must attend a minimum of 10 events per semester; 6 professional, 4 social

  • Associate Member -  Member that does not meet initiation requirements yet but needs to participate in BAP events. Associate Members must meet BAP Requirements for at least one semester prior to initiation as a full member. 


Participation Categories

Members must meet participation requirements based on the categories of events below:






Other opportunities for points may be announced via email. 

Other Information

  1. Members will be notified of their status each semester and notified when they are eligible for initiation.

  2. Signing up for an event and failing to participate may result in penalties.

  3. To be qualified for Outstanding Chapter Member Awards, members must go above and beyond in participation in the organization.

Concerns or questions about points should be sent to

Professional Development (at least 6 events):

  • Chapter Meetings (One per month)

  • Tutoring

  • VITA Volunteering

  • Professionalism Workshops (One per month)

  • Leadership Showcase Attendance (Spring)

  • Meet the Firms (Fall)

Social Events (at least 4 events):

  • Community Service (One per month)

  • BAP Social Events (One per month)

  • Golf Tournament

  • End of Semester Banquet

  • Faculty Luncheon

  • Take a professor to lunch program