Beta Alpha Psi members and initiates are required to sign up for at least one committee per semester. Service on a committee brings with it added responsibility, and therefore points are awarded for your participation for outstanding committee member. A sign up will be sent out for committees. You must complete the requirements for at least one committee in order to be initiated. Committee requirements are below. 


Golf Tournament Committee

     Spring Semester​

VITA Committee (Spring)

  • Member:

    • Participate in 6 hours of VITA tax returns (must be spent helping prepare returns, additional points can be earned from attending training, but will not count towards VITA hours)

Tutoring Committee & Chair

  • Chair:

    • Attend most tutoring sessions

    • Be responsible that at least one member is tutoring on a given day

  • Member:

    • Complete 6 hours of tutoring


Community Service Committee

  • Complete 6 hours of community service*

    • In the spring, members must receive a waiver to participate in the Community Service Committee

    • *In addition to your 4 required community service hours


To sign-up for a committee, click here.